Our Values

We are the specialists! With Eryürekli’s niche approach, our clients receive sophisticated, streamlined expertise in their company’s area of need.

Based on this approach, we provide:

Individualized solutions

Each case is unique; we identify your goals and requirements on an individual basis. We design guidance and legal solutions tailored for the specific assignment with project-by-project exclusivity.

Iron-clad legal advice

Our expertise is grounded in an intricate understanding of relevant laws and regulations. We explicitly clarify the legal grounds of your case. By identifying and mitigating risk factors, we reduce or eliminate grey areas of the law.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Complicated restrictions govern the financial and banking industries. With our thorough approach, clients conduct ongoing business without interruption by administrative or legal actions (because our Firm does not have a litigation department!).

Continuing support

Eryürekli stays on the frontlines of global finance law, ensuring our clients understand new laws, regulations, and legal revisions, then provides subsequent guidance for any measures to achieve full compliance

Coordinated legal support

While Eryürekli acts as external counsel, we function best when coordinating with our clients’ internal legal and business departments. This cooperation with client legal and financial teams strengthens the structure and purpose of projects with a tremendous rate of success.